the images in the current stuff gallery are placeholder images before I photograph the body of work. as soon as i can find my tripod. or i find the right place and time or something. there is always something not done or left undone and maybe just maybe i stop seeing this as a sin. maybe the things left undone that we repent about are things like not speaking up about injustice, or not apologizing, or not being truthful. 

Really, what is the flagellation? Really, what I'm seeing is how disturbing and damaging the eye of the critic, the culture in which I work has brought up the self-critique. And maybe, just maybe, the things I have left undone are the voices that speak up and say "no, you are wrong to judge me in this way and i don't see the value or the purpose." If you are reading this, please don't let others believe that they have the right to determine your value. If you are the one judging me, what gives you the right?