This is an image from the graduate thesis review. in 19??. Left to right is Tom Ockerse, Jan Baker (RIP), Sharon Poggenpohl, Krystof Lenk and Preston McClanahan. I created this event from a headline or maybe an ad slogan ("the future is now") that caught my attention and was incorporated into one of my "daily"s, a collage created every day for a semester. The impulse to maintain a daily practice stretches way back, and connects directly to the documentary impulse that has been on my back, or in my craw, or on my mind for decades. Decades. There is not a single issue that I can point to. It's a moving target, or a complex set of issues. This now become a diagram in my mind of emotional, intellectual, spiritual and pragmatic concerns. I am reminded of something a friend said years ago relative to Jungian psychology, that we "live out our story" every day. Documentation as practice is a collection of physical artifacts that form patterns to who we are, what we see, what makes sense to us and how we make sense of the world we live in. It helps us trace themes, and so give meaning to the details that otherwise seem arbitrary when I would suggest nothing is arbitrary, only unexamined. 

graduate thesis presentation.png