What does it mean to be purely aesthetic?

The night before last I showed my trilogy of Panama films, following Derek Cote's film Bardo.

Derek describes his film as purely aesthetic without a narrative. And my three films are, I hope. at times aesthetic, but pretty clearly narrative. Which had me longing for that purely aesthetic experience: of making something that isn't purely a story.

So these short film about temporary constructions at my study site. are mainly for my enjoyment. As much as I squirm when I show my work. wondering if other are enjoying/learning/inspired but what they are seeing I have to return to the bottom line: Do I think it's good work? Do I know the value? Do I know my intention and does this work live up to my intention?

These short films are my giving permission to just follow my instinct and have some fun with the process of making, and exploring, and building exponentially some sort of experience with a place that is constantly changing. With the second 11.13.15, I've begun to think about editing.

One small idea at a time.